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EIA Annual Energy Outlook for 2011: All Tables


The EIA's annual energy outlook (AEO) contains yearly projections for a variety of energy-related statistics, for several forecast cases. According to EIA, "under the assumption that current laws and regulations remain unchanged throughout the projections, the AEO2011_ Reference case provides the basis for examination and discussion of energy production, consumption, technology, and market trends and the direction they may take in the future." Included here are all tables from the report, in the following formats: CSV, XML, RDF.

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Data from November, 2014
Submitted Nov 25, 2014


National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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Brian Bush
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


2011, AEO, Annual Energy Outlook, CSV, EIA, LOD, RDF, TEF, Transportation Energy Futures, XML, energy, forecast


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