About the Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI)

OEDI is a centralized repository of high-value energy research datasets aggregated from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Programs, Offices, and National Laboratories. Built to enable data discoverability, OEDI facilitates access to a broad network of findings, including the data available in technology-specific catalogs like the Geothermal Data Repository and Marine Hydrokinetic Data Repository.

OEDI is powered by OpenEI, an energy information portal sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in support of the Open Government Initiative to make energy data transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

OEDI Data Lake logo

Open Energy Data Initiative


OEDI provides:

  • Universal access to DOE-funded research projects
  • Intuitive upload and submission processes
  • Standardized submissions and metadata, curated by a team of experts
  • Effective safeguards to secure datasets, including moratoriums on publication dates

Helpful Information

If you have questions about the data submission process, please contact OpenEI Help.